What does installing a proxy on your browser give you?

A proxy is an intermediary between a user and a website. With a proxy, many unavailable sites in one country become available. All this is possible because of the principle of the proxy itself: first the request goes to the proxy server itself, then this proxy forwards the request to the website. Thanks to this intermediary, many uses and advantages of the proxy are opened.

What does installing a proxy on your browser give you?

For example, using a proxy increases the security of the user on the network. Since the proxy is in a sense a representative of the user itself, in a malicious attack from the network, the first to receive the attack will be the proxy itself.

Also, with a proxy, you can speed up web page loading and reduce traffic consumption. Since, when using an intermediary server, the data is cached (stored in memory instead of being constantly loaded) and the web page itself is loaded much faster; when using a proxy, some annoying advertising (in particular, banners) become transparent and are not loaded on the website, it makes it easier to receive and understand the necessary information.

Another advantage of using an intermediary server is that it is the proxy provides anonymity of the user on the network. Due to the fact that the proxy changes the real IP address, the identity of the user remains unknown, which ensures its anonymity. However, this feature of complete anonymity is available with a quality proxy, which is most often paid.

The disadvantage is that only a part of these useful functions will be available when using a free proxy, because by its nature, free proxies will not be stable and can stop working at any time (they are shortcomings in the work of system administrators; therefore, such proxies can be found and closed at any time).

For a nonspecialist user, setting up a proxy can cause some difficulties. In such cases, the easiest way to get a proxy and install it in your browser.

But in order to set up a proxy through your browser, you need to first decide on the choice of proxy. And you can try a free version of proxy, such as at buy.fineproxy.org, where high-quality and stable proxies can be taken for free, for a certain period of time to choose the most appropriate option for each user.