Dedicated Web Hosting Vs. Virtual Web Hosting- Which One Is Better?


Web hosting is an internet service that assists your website to get access to the World Wide Web. There are different types of web hosting services among all those hosting services dedicated, and virtual sites are the most popular ones. But which is more helpful and essential from both of these?

In this article, we are studying the comparison of dedicated web hosting vs. virtual web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated hosting service is a popular type of internet hosting within these client leases all the sever, not sharing with anyone else. It is actually more flexible as comparative shared hosting; it is because of the fact that all the servers have all the access over the website. Including the operating system, hardware, and other server related control lay under the hand of the hosting company. It also offers one a complex managed web hosting under which companies choose a combination of physical along with the virtual server, which can also be called as hybrid hosting.

Cost, availability, and hired professionals knowledge decides about which operating systems will be offered on these dedicated hosting servers. Microsoft windows server offers commercial operating systems which are provided by the specified program of Microsoft of Microsoft SPLA.

Virtual web hosting

Virtual hosting is an optimal approach for handling several domain names, of course, with separate server names over a single server. It helps one to take adequate use of one’s resource, which includes processor cycles and memory. Also, it eliminates the need for all services hosted by a similar hostname.

Virtual hosting is also of two types one is name-based, and another one is IP-based. The name-based host is the hostname provided with the client. This helps to cut off the need for IP addresses and the administration associates.

Difference b/w dedicated and virtual hosting

The main difference between dedicated and virtual web hosting services is about the intended benefits. Both have a different set of benefits as in specialized hosting, the entire control is rendered to the hosting company, whereas in virtual web hosting makes your work easier and efficient. Virtual web hosting makes the resources are used optimally.


In this article we have discussed about the difference in dedicated and virtual web hosting. As mentioned in the article, you can have both but in accordance to your price and availability of your website.